Yo, Mexico, Get The Plank Out Of Your Eye – Today’s HISTORY Lesson Re “Nazi”

On Tuesday, Mexico’s sitting President Enrique Pena Nieto, compared the rise of Donald Trump, his country’s U.S. bete noire, to that of the Nazis, saying:

“There have been episodes in human history, unfortunately, where these expressions of strident rhetoric have led to very ominous situations,” Pena Nieto told Excelsior, a Mexican newspaper,  in remarks published Monday. “That’s how Mussolini got in, that’s how Hitler got in: They took advantage of a situation, a problem perhaps, which humanity was going through at the time, after an economic crisis.”

Oh, good grief.  The Mexican president thinks HE can lecture an American about fascist history and take the high road with moral authority?  What, do all of the people south of the border have this delusion that we Americans don’t know about the 1917 Revolution and the hard line socialist regime that was put in place south of the border?

Do they seriously think that we don’t know that Mexican lives and treasure were not spent directly to defeat said fascists?  That WE and the Allies are still paying for that war in many ways.

Do they not know that many of us have read a MUST READ book by Graham Greene titled The Power and the Glory and know that religion was outlawed in Mexico from 1917 to 1970 to the point where priests were hunted down and killed in ways that only the English did under Cromwell?

Do they not realize that the only reason Mexico declared war on Germany in 1942 was because the Germans sank an oil tanker – and then the Mexicans turned around and sold oil to the Axis powers is known to us up north?

And do the people in the government of Mexico really believe that we Americans do not know and understand that they have a wall across THEIR southern border to keep the Central and South Americans on the other side of that line?

Enrique, bebe, do yourself a favor, señor.  Assume the people north of the border are not all under the spell and influence of the American mainstream media.  In fact, MILLIONS are not paying attention anymore.  Too many predictions are just not coming true, and too much of what is being pushed on the people is transparently pro-establishment.

We also know that when the word “nazi” is thrown around, unless it is being said by a European theater survivor of World War II, it is an act of desperation to paint an opponent with a broad brush.  Donald Trump is not talking like a nazi.  He’s not advocating free love, or that work will make us free.  He is not in favor of disarming the public.  He does not want to take religion from the public square.  THOSE are the hallmarks of a fascist, a nazi, not promising to change economic conditions to unleash the power of the American spirit which is what Trump is doing.  (Whether or not it works is another story.)

Know the difference, and, no, you can’t have California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas back.

And, by the way, in the list of European fascists that needed to be stopped, you forgot Franco.  He wrecked Spain.

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A resident of Flyover Country, Seraphina is a rare creature in American Conservatism - committed to not just small government, Christianity and traditional social roles, but non-profits and high arts and culture. Watching politics, observing human behavior and writing are all long-time interests. In her other life, Seraphina writes romance novels under her nom de plume, Patricia Holden (@PatriciaHoldenAuthor on Facebook), and crochets like a mad woman (designs can be found on Facebook @BohemianFlairCrochet and on Pinterest on the Bohemian Flair Crochet board). In religion, Seraphina is Catholic; in work, the jill of all trades when it comes to fundraising software manipulation and event planning; in play, a Seraphinaassically trained soprano and proud citizen of Cardinal Nation, although, during hockey season, Bleeds Blue. She lives in the Mid-Mississippi River Valley with family and two cute and charming tyrants...make that toy dogs. Seraphina is known as Cultural Limits on other blogs.

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  1. Well stated ?? Mexico needs to mind there own business & take care of them drug dealers that keep crossing the boarders. They are just upset cause they are gonna soon have to get to building a wall LoL ? come find me if you like ? ???? Trump president 2016 ????

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