WWII Vet FINALLY At Rest In Arlington… After LONG Fight!

WWII Vet FINALLY At Rest In Arlington

WWII Vet FINALLY At Rest In Arlington… After LONG Fight!

Although Elaine Harmon passed away last year at the age of 95, it took until this week for her country to fully acknowledge her contributions in the Second World War. WRC reports that she was a member of the Women Air Force Service Pilots.

The WASP Museum reported that as a WASP she was one of about 1,000 females who flew planes for the United States from 1942 to 1944. There are only about 100 such women still living with the youngest being 93.


The museum said their jobs included test piloting new airplanes, training combat pilots and towing targets that were shot at with live ammunition. However, their roles were strictly non combative so they were never allowed on the front lines of battle and were never granted full military status, according to WRC.

s-l1000 WASP Calss of 44

It wasn’t until 1977, that they were called war veterans. After that they were eligible to be buried in Arlington Cemetery. However, WRC reports that the Army claimed lack of space and rescinded the order. Their actions meant that Harmon couldn’t be interred in the cemetery, like other soldiers who had faithfully served their country.

letter asking to be burried at arlington

When Harmon passed away her family protested and insisted the woman finally get the recognition she deserves. WRC says it wasn’t until last year, that United States President Barack Obama, signed papers overruling the Army’s decision.


Now Harmon is slated to be buried in Arlington, with full military honors.

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