Women Are Giving Their Husbands a Real Life Hall Pass

Hall Pass

Women Are Giving Their Husbands a Real Life Hall Pass

In the 2011 movie Hall Pass 2 men are facing marriage difficulties and their wives give them a hall pass to do whatever they want for 1 week. The plot suggests (at the end) marital bliss thanks to the hall pass and this isn’t far from more recent relationship opinions and ideas.


One way women have addressed modern day relationship issues such as spousal infidelity is controlled infidelity- more women are giving their husbands permission to cheat to better their marriage. With celebrities such as Steve Harvey making bold statements claiming that men are designed to cheat and it is a predestined trait it is no wonder some women have given into making modern changes in marriage and relationships.

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Women like Holly Hill, mistress and author of Sugarbabe, seem to advocate it saying that if women love their husbands they will want them to be happy. Perhaps, however, we shouldn’t be taking advice from a mistress. It seems that most who advocate this practice publicly have a vested interest involving financial gain, so perhaps this fad is more for the good of one than the good of all.

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