Who Are The Real Conservatives? Poll Shows Which Candidate Has The Political Right Mojo

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Just to add more layers of confusion to the entire American political and cultural scene since We the People have been assured by the “conservative” reporting apparatus that Donald Trump is no conservative, Pew came out with a study that says Trump may be no conservative, but the issues his supporters agree with him on are:

Fully 84% of those who support Trump for the GOP presidential nomination favor building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. That compares with 56% of Republican voters who preferred another candidate for the Republican nomination….

Two-thirds of Trump supporters (67%) say free trade agreements have been bad for the country, and 60% say they have definitely or probably hurt their own finances….

65% of Trump supporters view U.S. engagement in the global economy as a bad thing….

54% of Trump backers say the U.S. does too much in solving world problems, while 29% say it does too little and 12% say it does about the right amount. Among non-Trump supporters, opinion is more mixed, with 40% saying the U.S. does too much globally….

Nearly seven-in-ten Trump supporters (69%) say that immigrants today are a burden on the U.S. because “they take our jobs, housing and health care.” Fewer than half of Republican voters who did not support Trump (47%) say that immigrants are a burden.

Across the board, as the Pew study indicates, Donald Trump supporters, whether they be actual Republicans, or crossovers of truly disappointed and disenfranchised Americans, consistently take the “America First” approach in economics far more often than those who were supporting another candidate.  Any other candidate.  The Pew study indicates that Trump supporters and other Republicans also disagree on deportation of illegal aliens, but not on how to deal with terrorism groups. (They need to be eliminated with force.)  There is also disagreement on dealing with muslims.

Trump supporters also are more likely than GOP voters who do not support him to favor greater scrutiny for Muslims in the U.S. as part of government anti-terrorism efforts.

Nearly two-thirds of Trump supporters (64%) say that Muslims living in the U.S. should be subject to additional scrutiny than people in other religious groups. That compares with about half (45%) of non-Trump supporters.

Given this evidence of supposed “conservative” values being expressed by those supporting the supposedly non-conservative candidate in the race, the question needs to be asked: what are conservative values?  Are they the ones that put the United States and her people first in the minds and hearts of the elected, or are they the ones that the self-styled conservative alternative media types say they are after consultation with the inside the beltway crowd?

Maybe that’s the next conversation the Republican Party needs to have.

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