Whinin’ Ted Now Demanding Trump Fire Someone Who Quit His Campaign Months Ago

In a sure sign that Donald Trump is getting under Ted Cruz’s skin, or at least the political team he has who know what they are doing are getting under his skin, Teddy whined to Dana Loesch of The Blaze (one of the plethora of outlets financially beholden to Cruz backers) that “Donald needs to fire” one top member of the team and one informal advisor.

I don’t know if the next thing we’re going to see is voters or delegates waking up with horses heads in their beds.

This doesn’t belong in the electoral process. And I think Donald needs to renounce this incitement of violence, he needs to stop asking his supporters at rallies to punch people in the face. And he needs to fire the people responsible.

Manafort. Roger Stone, and his campaign team that is encouraging violence, and he needs to stop doing it himself… Saul Alinsky laughing in his grave.

Oh, where to start with that one….

First off, all the violence as perpetrated by George Soros backed entities at Trump rallies, happened long before Paul Manafort came on board as THE CONVENTION MANAGER.  Manafort is in charge of herding the delegates, not keeping dangerous people out of rallies.  He hasn’t incited any violence despite being Italian.  In fact, he would rather spend time with the caucuses than rallies.  That is what he is paid to do.  Plus, he’s the best at it.  Why would Trump fire him if he wants to get elected?

Roger Stone, Manafort’s FORMER partner, and the former Trump Campaign Manager, says things off the cuff, and yeah, some of it is over the top, and inappropriate, but um, he quit the campaign last August, technically, even if he is still in Trump’s corner, and quite enthusiastic about it, too.  (Ted, those talking points need to be updated.)

Why would Cruz push the meme that these men are inciting violence and Trump should fire them?  Why would he say that Trump is threatening voters?  (I’d ask for proof, but Ted being Ted will lawyer past it.)  For those who can stomach it, here’s the interview.

I’m sorry, but I need a shower after that.


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