What Trump Woman Problem: Meet The Trumpettes And The Trump Tsunami

As if the darlings of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Diamond and Silk, Ann Coulter, and a few other of us girls were not enough, another pro-Trump group of women has surfaced, this time a music group that put out a video not quite a month ago.  This all-girl band gives us a glimpse of the greatness of America even before Donald Trump can straighten out the tariff situation, and put a wall on the southern border.

Seriously, though, there is a push right now to describe Donald Trump’s “woman problem.”  So far as most honest, even-keeled observers can tell, Trump’s main woman problem is that some of the peskiest pests in the media not liking him him ARE women.  (Can’t put George Will in this column.  He has too many kids.)  Treating the poor, delicate hothouse flowers like men – since they are trying to impersonate men and yet still expect to be honored as women – gets Trump nothing but trouble.  (And for some reason, there are countless females out there who will back their own sex regardless of what the other girls do.  Megyn Kelly, sweetie, from this quarter, you are on your own.)

Well, not all women fall for this and there are plenty of us out here on the fruited plain who actually went to Trump’s positions page and looked up what his plan is for the country.  It’s actually pretty good without getting into the weeds of social issues that government should leave to the people.  On top of that, if the man was REALLY a misogynist as described, there would be countless tales from women who actually know the man and have been mistreated by him.  The opposite has happened.  Yes, Donald Trump has married three models, each one more beautiful than the last.  However, all three adore him, and his current wife, Melania, is actually very accomplished having an architecture degree, speaking multiple languages and being a successful designer.  Here she is with Ted Cruz’s daughters.


Which begs the question: how much of Donald Trump’s “women problem” is plain old jealousy that the vast majority of us just didn’t win the genetic lottery?  (Meow.)

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