What This Young Man Does For Pride Of Country Leaves Hope In Our Hearts

We look to it every time we say the Pledge of Allegiance or walk into any state, federal or local building. The American flag stands tall, shining red, white and blue, but what happens when it nearly touches the ground?

One student in Ohio showed that there is still hope left for the next generation the morning of May 22nd. He was driving past his High School and noticed the American Flag was nearly touching the ground. Instead of ignoring it as he could have, he did the honorable thing.

18-year-old Cole Dotson a senior at Continental High School stopped his car and held the flag, while he called his grandmother for assistance. Dotson’s grandmother, who is an employee of the school, and his mom came to his aid.

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Out of respect for the flag it should never touch the ground or anything beneath it, according to the U.S. Flag Code.

Rhonda Ordway Pester, Dotson’s mom, snapped a picture while she watched her son follow his instinct and practice something he learned in the Boy Scouts. The picture has since been shared 24,000 times.

Joel Mengerink, superintendent of Continental schools, was excited to see one of his students do an honorable thing, but insisted this is just like Dotson.

“Something like this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Cole. He takes great pride in our country and he knows how to show proper respect to the flag,” Mengerink said.

I am glad to hear that there are still people like Cole Dotson out there, that understand what that flag represents. In a time where so many are burning our flag and disrespecting the lives lost to protect their freedoms. We need more people like him!

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