What These Mothers Did to Their Children is Breathtaking


What These Mothers Did to Their Children is Breathtaking 

Two Teenage girls are charged with assault after their mothers turned them into police. An 87 year old woman was assaulted on a subway train and then followed off the subway where the brutal attack continued. The teens were caught on video surveillance attacking the woman. The girls attacked the woman after she asked one of the girls to remove her feet from the seat so she could sit down. the girls started verbally assaulting her until they followed her off the the subway. Once on the platform the girls started hitting and kicking the woman repeatedly. Several of the strikes landed on her head and face.


Surveillance photo of teens who are charged with assault

The Teens mothers turned them in after recognizing them as suspects in the brutal attack. the elderly woman’s name is Norma Trotman. Trotman has sustained several bruises to her face, knees, and back.

Jazmine Watson, aged 16, was charged as an adult facing several felony assault charges, including second-degree assault. The other girl, aged 15, was also charged with assault, but is not being charged as an adult. Watson said Trotman threw the first punch and was only defending herself. However the surveillance tapes tell a different story.

Watson is to be back in court July 5. The Second girl has not yet been arraigned.

Did Trotman throw the first punch? Or are the teens only trying to get out of trouble. Do you think the mothers did the right thing? What would you have done if it was your child.

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