WATCH #ThisBody Ad From Lane Bryant REJECTED By The Networks

NBC claims that it violates decency standards.  ABC isn’t saying why.  But both networks informed Lane Bryant, one of the few places where women who do not fit the mold of what the fashion industry considers acceptable body shapes and sizes can find decent clothes, that the retailer may not air their new commercial titled #ThisBody on their networks.  The ad itself features Ashley Graham and other larger women in lingere, not too much different than the sorts of things put on air by Victoria’s Secret.  Well, except for the models.  From TMZ:

Our sources firmly believe it’s a size issue and not nudity … since thinner women frequently appear in commercials which are already airing. Think Victoria’s Secret.

NBC says it’s asked Lane Bryant to make “minor edit to comply with broadcast indecency guidelines.” It would not say what specifically was indecent about the ad.

We also reached out to ABC, but so far … radio silence.

With the number of people condemning Sports Illustrated for featuring women larger than a size 2 in their recent swim suit issue, this is smacking of discrimination against the larger breasted and boned.  Not all plus sized woment are truly morbidly obese and therefore putting their lives in danger.  Some of us are just…square.

At any rate, judge for yourself.

THIS BODY, as in mine, was made for singing opera.  Just because a woman is larger, it does not mean that she is not and does not want to feel beautiful.  There’s just more of us to love.

Americans – and most especially the media – are obsessed with image and weight.  Lane Bryant is attempting to jump start an honest conversation about positive body image when it comes to those who don’t fit the mold.  And the mainstream networks are slamming the door on them.

Call it karma, irony, or plain old not thinking it through, thanks to alternative media, the message is getting out anyway.  Thousands of women are spreading the word of rejection by the networks on their own.

More at Self Magazine.

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