WATCH The Most Honest Soda Pop Ad You Will Ever See


It’s one of those addictions that medicine doesn’t really write up or rail against (not like alcohol, oh, no), but it is none the less killing people slowly, but surely.  What is it?  American reliance on soda (you might know it as Coke or pop depending on your state and county of origin) for everything from a caffeine source in the morning to a milk substitute.

So, here’s the question for all discerning Americans…ever READ the list of ingredients on a soda can?  We’re not talking your locally produced root beer, vanilla cream soda, grape, orange or lemon lime concoction filled with so much caffeine and REAL sugar that it doubles as a hangover cure.  (Ski produced in Breese, Illinois.)  No, this is the mass produced, uses cheap high fructose corn syrup rather than real sugar, actually allows Monsanto produced chemicals into their products, all that caramel coloring stuff that gets guzzled by the gallon in Big Gulps all over America every day.

Well, somebody did and decided to make a non-splashy, plain old information commercial with zero celebrities and no primary colors to tell the world of all the things soda does to the human body.  Grab some unsweetened tea, coffee, or, well, an adult beverage and watch.  (At least it isn’t soda.)

Willie Wonka would be so proud.  Yes, the bare, honest truth that soda in all forms is more or less paint thinner.

This does not mean that in a pinch or on very special occasions indulging isn’t alright, but a full six pack daily is another story.

This has been a BuzzKix public service announcement.  Back to our regularly scheduled morning tea.

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