WATCH: Non-Models Do The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Poses On The Beach

Sports Illustrated has been putting out their swimsuit issues for decades.  And every time they do, one side of the female body image divide or the other takes offense: these are either not REAL women and the way women’s bodies really are, or THEY ARE CELEBRATING FAT AND UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLES!  (This writer had something to say about that.)

Well, a few brave ladies of all shapes, races, and abilities got together on the beach to recreate some of the most famous magazine covers ever printed and discovered that what Sports Illustrated really has been celebrating and promoting all these years is body strength, flexibility, and holding really unnatural body positions for a very long time.  (Note to self: PILATES!!!!!)

Regardless of the overt diversity message of this offering from Buzzfeed, the reality that it presents – non-models can look good on the beach, too – is refreshing.  Yes, there are concerns that friends and family will see more than they really need to, and that the body is objectified in this way, but what is not is the idea that beauty is objectified or that one MUST be insecure if a body type is not just the perfect, airbrushed item on the front cover of Sports Illustrated.

Congratulations to Macey J. Foronda for the great photography.

The other lesson learned, and this is something for all of us to consider, is that modeling – really any job in the entertainment industry – is not as easy as it looks.  Being a classically trained soprano, this writer can attest to that.  It’s not “just singing” when the stage is a hundred degrees, you are wearing black from neck to toes, using every muscle in your torso to support the sound, and when you feel like you’ve been hit with a Mack truck after a performance.  All the energy needed to look good on camera is really no different.

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