WATCH People’s Party Of Belgium Message To Trump (And The Little People of America)

More than a week ago, before the world woke to the wretched news that yet ANOTHER coordinated attack by the followers of Islam rocked a European capital, the President of the People’s Party of Belgium, Mischaël Modrikamen, recorded a message in English directed to Donald Trump, and, by extension, the people of the United States of America who are just as victimized by the global elite as the Europeans are.  His message echoed that of the 2016 Republican presidential front runner.  He tells of Brussels, a once beautiful city, and what has happened to it since the liberals in governments across Europe started letting in “migrants” from Northern Africa and the Middle East.

The original video appeared on Facebook, and is shared by a most unfortunate channel on youtube, but at least it has not been scrubbed.

What this message from Brussels demonstrates, or should, to the American people, those in Australia, Europe and other countries where the self-appointed ruling elite are importing hoards of “migrants” who do not share a value system or way of life with the host countries, is that none of us are alone in this fight.  None of us.  Essentially, this is a world-wide attempt to destroy civilization as we know it.  The people of Europe are looking for a leader to do exactly what Donald Trump is doing in the United States: rip off the mask of the monied power brokers, tell the truth about the situations inside the countries for once, and restore the peace, and prosperity of once great places to live and do business.

The fact that the people doing the migrating are muslims with unshakable Islamic beliefs cannot be ignored.  Mssr. Modrikamen makes that clear.  We in the United States are cognizant of this, as well as the uncivilized behavior demonstrated by the migrants in what were once safe and clean public spaces in Europe.

And it is also clear that the only way to neutralize this threat to western civilization is for the people to more or less revolt.

The natives of Brussels are in our prayers in the United States.  Our best to you as you come to grips with the realities of the terrorists bringing a holy war you did not provoke to you.

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