WATCH Machine Made With Lego Makes And Launches Paper Airplanes


Rube Goldberg, eat your heart out.

For decades now, since the Danish company Lego introduced the little building blocks, people everywhere have been making all sorts of creative objects.  Men and women compete in making the most lifelike presentations of buildings and Star Wars type space ships.  There’s even a couple theme parks in the United States known as LegoLand.  The creativity knows no bounds.

Now, the people at Arrow FiveYearsOut have developed a machine that takes a piece of paper, folds it into a working paper airplane and launches the flying pressed wood pulp.  Check it out:

No, the edges aren’t crisp and some of the parts look like awfully specialized Lego, but pretty cool none the less…and much better than the people came up with in engineering class. (Yes, this was an actual exercise one time.)  No word yet on whether or not Lego is working with Arrow to develop a set or kit.  Other companies have issued instructions on how to make such a machine, though.

So, for those who say that American ingenuity and creativity are dead, look at what some people can do with toys.  All it takes is a little imagination.

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