WATCH John McAfee Explains How To Hack An iPhone In Half An Hour

In the week or two since the U.S. Federal Government got a court order and tried to force Apple Computers into writing a code that would bypass a key security feature on the latest iPhone operating system, the cries from all over the political and not so political world for Apple to either cooperate since “it’s just one phone,” and from the opposition that claims such a program would be a master key to get into all iPhones everywhere have grown louder and louder.

Master hacker, presidential candidate, and borderline psychopath John McAfee from the beginning offered to save both the FBI, and Apple Computer the pain of having to write this software – and STORE it so that no enterprising thief could get their hands on it – by making his company available to do the hack.  At first, McAfee said it would take three weeks to do this.   Now, he has that estimate down to half an hour.  Earlier this week, McAfee gave an amazingly dumbed down explanation of what it would take to hack into the iPhone in question:

The “Digital Security Commission”….  Yeah, that has a wholesome, limited government ring to it.

One thing that McAfee is right about, if the FBI doesn’t have hardware and software engineers available to help them hack into computers and get information off of hard drives, we are in serious trouble.  There is no question of that.

Given his legendary status, it is doubtful that John McAfee is going to lose his world hacker community license, but it is interesting to have the process boiled down to simple steps.  He didn’t give away how the steps are actually accomplished, but with people who know what they are doing, it can’t be that hard.  If it really only takes a half an hour, why does the federal government want a new program written to get around the safety features?  And why should we the people trust the FBI that it will only use the code on the one phone?

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  1. I thought he was in prison ???

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