WATCH How To Make A Snowball Machine Gun

There’s news you can use, and news that will win you a snowball fight with your nieces and nephews, siblings, cousins, friends, and if you are really lucky, parents.  Such is the thought behind Mark Rober’s “how to” video on making your very own snowball machine gun.  Like every other red blooded American male out there, all you need is a leaf blower, plastic pipe, snow, and the fix it all sticky stuff: duct tape.

Check it out:

Pretty impressive, huh.  Yes, necessity IS the mother of invention.  It’s also the reason why big boys have big toys.

This writer is not sure what is more impressive, the clever ingenuity of a pair of brothers that rival her engineer father and brothers for finding mega-cool fixes for age old problems, or that these two guys have a gold mine on their hands in the concept of a snowball shooter and they aren’t looking for investors and a design team.  (Seriously, on snow days this would massively come in handy when the snot nosed bully down the street decides to go sled riding in the park.  Naturally, any competition would all be in good fun and not get anyone hurt, teeth knocked out, or otherwise ice up somebody else’s ear.)

So, there we have it.  It IS possible to load up on portable ammo for a snowball fight and play like we’re Ghostbusters all at the same time.  From the fruited plain where we’ve had exactly two inches of snow this year: GAME ON!

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