WATCH HILLARIOUS Jimmy Fallon As Donald Trump: Think HUGE Number Two

For those of us who don’t do late night television, Jimmy Fallon isn’t a regular of our entertainment diets, but every now and then, he comes up with something that is just pure gold.

After he finished as the runner up in Iowa (seriously, they have no photo ID law, and the candidates have been known to bus in votes, and this year precincts were decided by coin tosses.  The man has a point), and gave a gracious concession speech followed by drawing attention to the deficits of the Iowa caucus system as only he can, Donald Trump left himself wide open for lampooning.  Jimmy Fallon got the ball rolling.

“When you think of Donald Trump, think HUGE number two….The deuce is loose.”

Aside from the masterful use of bathroom humor, the turning negatives into positives that business people assure the rest of us is the way to go in explaining the blemishes on our resumes is done in a way that only The Donald can accomplish.  The Donald has a good sense of humor, so this will not be disparaged.  In fact, imitation being the surest form of flattery, he’ll most likely take full credit for Fallon’s creativity.

Can’t wait for the rest of the campaign.  Donald Trump is late night television’s gravy train.

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