Virtual Reality Headsets Make You Look Like An Idiot

With technology advancing rapidly and video games being such a massive market, it makes sense that companies are starting to invest in their own technology to make virtual reality the next big thing.

While the idea of wearing a headset and playing games in a virtual world certainly sounds appealing, one thing most people don’t think about is how you look when you have these get-ups on your face.

Take this video for example, the guy playing the VR game sure looks engrossed in what hes doing. From the look of it he’s playing with a ball, or a balloon, or something round, but man does he look goofy doing it.

Is this the future of gaming? Wearing bulky face masks and waving our arms around like lunatics while those around us question if we have lost our minds? I suppose as long as the VR equipment doesn’t require you to get up and walk around it isn’t so bad, you’re confined to the couch. It would be far worse if you were wandering around your house bumping into things while waving your hands around trying to fight aliens or catch footballs.

I’ll stick with a regular controller and a TV, flailing around like a fish out of water is a step too far to play a video game.


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