Unbelievable Divorce Video, Man Gets Revenge After Judge Orders This.

Unbelievable Divorce

In an unbelievable divorce settlement when the wife gets half of EVERYTHING, this man does something that nobody expects. It is something that many men in the world these days go through, but this one man in particular took it to the extreme and got his revenge. After a Judge ordered that his wife gets half of everything he owns the man got out his power tools and begin complying with the judges order. He cut everything he owns in half. He posted his half of the items on e-Bay in an attempt to gain some revenue from them. His car, or I should say, half his car, is up for $60 on e-Bay. Normally I would say that is too much for half of a car but in this case it looks like he got the front half and the engine would be salvageable, so I would give the sixty dollars for it, if I had a car just like that, and use it for parts.

In this epic video he cuts his laptop in half, his couch in half, his cell phone in half and even the bicycle in half. It does not show it in the video but I am wondering if he cut his house in half as well. If he did I would love to know how he did that and what tools he used to do it. I am sure that cutting a house in half in not an easy job. I am certain though, that he had a whole lot of fun doing this. He was not angry or in a rage of any kind while doing this, he simply was complying with the judges orders. Although, I do not believe the judge meant it quite this literally.

Watch the video and after you get done laughing share it with your friends and family. As always, feel free to leave your comments below.

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Unbelievable Divorce

2 Comments on "Unbelievable Divorce Video, Man Gets Revenge After Judge Orders This."

  1. I would say that this is a pretty ingenious way to get revenge.

  2. Several years ago another man did the same thing, and really got hit big time by the judge for contempt of court.

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