Trump Says No To Islam In America, What Happened To This 17-Year-Old Girl You Might Agree

Donald Trump has made it clear on where he stands with Muslims entering the U.S.A., some agree 100% with him on this. Then we have the bleeding heart liberals that think his stance is racially driven. However if you look at the countries that have taken in these so-called refugees you may think twice on this issue. There are countries that are trying to deport the refugees now, because there is such a wide spread problem of chaos from the refugees. Women are being raped and beaten in the streets. Warnings were there, these people live by a different code than we do, but by ignorance, many chose not to see the warnings.

Here in America we used to have Christian values, we used to have morals but as each day passes I see more and more of that just flushing down the drain. Now it seems America is going for the feel good code. No morals, lets just have this country ran as if it’s one big college frat party. If it feels good do it, as long as you’re a liberal. There are restrictions of course on conservatives, that is because we still believe in the 3 core values. God, Country, and Guns.

We believe in fighting to keep God in our Country, as you can see the more you remove him the worse it gets. That is not a coincidence. We believe in our Country, many of our family members and friends have shed their blood defending this country. If we hand it over now all that blood shed was for nothing. We believe in Guns, without Guns you can not defend yourself, your family, or your country when the government turns into tyrants. Believe as you will what the 2nd amendment stands for as I will believe as I will.

Now with all that said, here is a recap of what “muslims” do! This is their way and fully legal. The more we let in the more will fight to legalize their way in America. It is happening all around the world. We should take this as a warning and truly listen!

Days after 17-year-old Zeenat Rafiq eloped with a man against her family’s wishes, her relatives asked her to return home so they could throw her a proper ceremony.

“Don’t let me go, they will kill me,” her husband Hassan Khan recalled her saying, according to the Associated Press.

She was Punjabi. He was Pashtun. Her family was furious that she ran away and got married without their permission.

An uncle eventually convinced her to return. On Wednesday, Zeenat was burned alive by her mother.

Police say the mother, Parveen, tied Zeenat to a cot and poured kerosene before setting her on fire, according to the Guardian. It’s the latest of several “honor killings,” a practice that kills hundreds of girls each year in Pakistan.

Zeenat’s body was charred when police found it, AP reported. It showed signs of beating and strangulation, Officer Ibadat Nisar said.

When police confronted Parveen, she confessed to killing her daughter with the help of her son Ahmar.

Officer Sheikh Hammad recalls the mother saying, “I don’t have any regrets.”

Those who commit “honor killings” do so to punish the victims for violating the conservative Muslim country’s norms on marriage. They believe that sex outside of marriage, or an inter-ethnic marriage in Zeenat’s case, can disgrace the entire family and that the only rectification is death.

“Honor killings” are a tricky legal matter, even when the suspects plead guilty to the crime. The current law in Pakistan states that family members are allowed to forgive a killer, forcing prosecutors to drop charges, the Guardian reported. That happens often when an entire family feels its honor has been besmirched by the victim.

Honor killings happen all the time, and as you can see are legal. Is this something you want in America? This is not our way of life in any way, we have already had a few happen in our homeland and that should scare people enough to say we do not need to bring this here.

I am not heartless I pray for the true Christian refugees that are trying to flee ISIS, but there is no true way of knowing who is who. We can not look at them and say yes you are a Christian or no you are a practicing muslim. That leaves us in the position we are in now, where we need to realize for the safety of Americans, we MUST stop allowing open borders to any potential threats. We can not save the world, hell look at America now it wont be long and we will need saving if we don’t change how we do things. We are not the power house we once were. That has been proven many times over the last 7 years.

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