This Candidate’s Concern For America Makes Trumps Hand Seem Small

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This Candidate’s Concern For America Makes Trumps Hand Seem Small

Former Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio said Sunday that he fully supports former rival Donald Trump’s White House bid, apologized for his personal attacks in the bruising primary and hinting that he’d even speak for Trump at the July nominating convention.

“I want to be helpful,” the Florida senator said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Rubio argued that supporting Trump, now the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, is the only way to keep Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton from becoming president, regardless of some of his scorched-earth campaign rhetoric.

“Despite all my differences with Donald Trump, I have a better chance to get a conservative-nominated Supreme Court with him than I ever will with Hillary Clinton,” he said.

Rubio said Trump also will support other parts of the conservative agenda including the repeal of ObamaCare and rolling back federal regulations that are “damaging” to the U.S. economy.

Rubio may not have been your choice for President either, but one thing is certain. He knows that the only way to stop Hillary is to put his ego aside, swallow his pride and join forces with Trump. We are at a crucial point right now, it is not vote for the lesser of two evils! Hillary is the evil that we need to stop.

I don’t care one bit how many times Trump has filed bankruptcy, that is his business life and just like many of us he faced financial hardships. Only with him it was on a much larger scale with a lot more to lose. I don’t care how many times Melania posed nude or almost nude, she was a model and that was her choice.

Is that the evils we have to pick from a first lady that might advocate girls to follow their dream of being a model if that is what they desire? Or Hillary that advocates killing unborn children in our country, if so I must say I have to side with Melania on this one.

Or should we choose between Hillary that has covered up Bill’s rapes for years, or Donald filing bankruptcy on his businesses? Some financial experts look at is as poor business, and some say it is a good business strategy. Should we keep pressing this nevertrump movement and allow a women in the White House that we know was at least partially responsible for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi?

I say it is time to suck up your pride just like Rubio has done and realize that not voting for Trump is allowing Hillary to be the next President. She will be worse than obama. She will make it seem as though the last almost 8 years have been a transition period for all she will do. She could very well turn us into the next Venezuela. You don’t have to believe me you can keep your pride and hold out on your vote. The ultimate cost will be America a country that is already is shambles, will be completely and utterly destroyed.

trump America
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