Three Teens Charged With Committing HEINOUS Crime

Leonard Adams, 18, Irwen Pressley, 17, and Tamar Teems, 16, have been charged with attempted murder and second-degree felony murder. The two oldest have been charged as adults while Teems faces the same charges as a juvenile.

Last month, the three took part in a shooting that left six-year-old King Carter dead in front of his parents’ apartment. At 2:40PM, the child’s father gave him $3 to buy some candy. During his walk he was shot, a tragic victim of the crossfire between the boys.


The shooting was the result of a “Facebook feud,” and the trio said they went to the apartment complex looking for their rival “JuJu.” Upon seeing him in a stairwell, they opened fire.

Adams was checked into the local hospital with a neck wound sustained during the violence. Police were able to trace him back to his home.

Pressley was on supervised release regarding a burglary charge at the time of the shooting, and was found using the GPS monitor on his ankle tracking device.

During Carter’s funeral, police announced the arrest of Teems, ending their search for suspects.

It was revealed that Pressley had a long record of police interaction, beginning when he was just 13. The record includes armed carjacking, aggravated assault, and robbery with a deadly firearm. Despite two of the charges being dropped (one because the defendant died, and the other because the defendant moved back to Ukraine) Pressley was sent to boot camp for the robbery with a deadly firearm charge. There, he was fitted with the GPS ankle monitor that gave away his position the night of the murder.

Carter, who wanted to be a police officer when he grew up, was also a football player. His death set off a series of demonstrations protesting the frequent death of youths. 67 people 18 or younger have been killed in Miami-Dade County since the year 2013.

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