This Is Why People Want to Stop TRUMP!

This is why people want to stop Donald Trump from being president. You will not believe the things you hear in this video, I know I  couldn’t. Hannity sent David Webb out to speak with the liberals outside a Trump rally to ask them why they are trying to stop Trump from being the GOP nominee for 2016. He asked a lot of people why they were there and why they wanted to stop Trump, just EXACTLY what they did not approve of in his campaign. What policies they did not like and you will not believe what their answers were.

Wisconsin is where David Webb went and he is asking people WHY? They all have NO idea why they do not want him. When people are  put on the spot and asked what policy or policies they do not approve of they cannot give an answer. They are tongue twisted and completely ignorant to EVERYTHING  that is going on in the world. They have absolutely NO idea why they are against him and are there merely because someone said lets go stop Trump. One of them said he was completely “UN-American”, really? Another person said because he has TOO much money! Come on America, get with it. Educate yourself before you go flying off the deep end and try to stop someone that is actually trying to turn this country around. If someone like Trump does not get elected, this country is in for some serious, and not so good, changes!!! There was a MEME I saw yesterday on the internet that I am going to share with you. Read it because it sums it all up for you!!!


After reading that, and watching the video below, does it not make you think about what is really going on? Why do you think they are trying  to stop Trump? Please share this story and leave me a message as to why Trump should be stopped. I would really like to hear a REAL truthful answer to the question!!!
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2 Comments on "This Is Why People Want to Stop TRUMP!"

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  2. Rebecca Dixson | 04/01/2016 at 9:18 am | Reply

    Trump tells it like it is. His speaking out concerning topics the American people want acknowledged. Most Anericsns are tired if political correctness . Christians & Jews are not given or shown special privilege However, special interest people want to supress the voice Christians & Jews. Lesbians, gays, Islam , Muslim groups are given special interest . Anyone can bash Christians & Jews, but if a Christian or Jew speaks I’ll of L & G’s, Muslims , and Islam then we can be sued, forced to pay a fine . Illigal abortions should be punished ( the woman & doctor ). Bring punished doesn’t mean being beat. The woman should have to view how the abortion was done showing how the baby’s body was destroyed. The doctor a large fine & exposed to the public. Trump can get the deficit way down with his business experience and with the senate behind him. There are people available to advise Trump on the many different needs of America. Some people just follow someone because they don’t have the mind set on how to research a person to know the facts. Those people in the video were totally ignorant as they just talked to hear they own voice, no substance to their voice . The republicans needs to listen to the vote / voice of the American people .

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