The One Thing I Will NOT do In November!

The one thing I won't do

The One Thing I Will NOT do In November!

Why I Refuse To Vote…

Twelve years ago I was determined to be a good citizen and exercise my right to vote. I had a young child at the time whose future I had to consider. Committed to following the debate and reading all the articles I could get my hands on, I thought an informed and easy decision would ensue.

Why I Refuse To VoteA cursory analysis of the candidates made the decision seem obvious and an easy one to make. However, I found that the more I read the more perplexed I was and the more tormenting was the decision. I felt angry and betrayed by these so called leaders. Why do they resort to mudslinging? Why do they propose legislation that is not feasible? Why do they impose laws for common people when they’ve not walked a day in our shoes? Still, I was determined to vote as I had much time invested.

Election Day arrived, whether I was ready or not. I nervously waited for what would greet me inside. I hesitantly approached the partition feeling lost and bewildered. I may as well have flipped a coin. I placed a vote that day but had no idea if my choice was the right one. I cried the whole way home vowing to never vote again. A sincere desire to fulfill my obligation as a citizen was destroyed by the media and running candidates. These politicians should be impeached. They should pay a steep fine for slander and they should be forbidden to ever run for public office. These so called leaders belong back in high school or on the school yard playground. That is a more appropriate platform for them. They should not have the honor or the privilege to run this country. One of the most talented performers today eloquently says: How can you hold your head up high, how can you sleep while the rest of us cry? Dear Mr. President (by artist Pink) you should be ashamed of yourself.

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Why I Refuse To Vote
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