The Cast Of Fuller House Comfort A Sad Donald Trump (Video)

Jimmy Fallon and the cast of Fuller House took a few jabs at Donald Trump on Fallon’s late night show. In the skit, Trump (played by Fallon) is a little down in the dumps and fears he may not be the next Republican nominee for president. The Tanners try to give him some advice on how to handle his troubles, recommending that he accept that he may not win, but should be proud he made it this far.

During their pep talk, Kimmy Gibbler shows up and while the group is scolding her for breaking into their house, Trump comes up with a plan to build a wall to keep out unwanted Gibblers.

In the end the group ends up singing the theme song from Full House and Bob Saget closes out by telling Trump that if does become president he will be proud, but if he fails to become president he will be even prouder.

It’s a pretty funny skit, check out the video below.


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