Ted Cruz Loyalists Continue Never-Say-Die Campaign in the Face of THESE Hard Facts

Ted Cruz can save the GOP by losing to Hillary Clinton. Credit: cnbc.com

Ted Cruz Loyalists Continue Never-Say-Die Campaign in the Face of THESE Hard Facts

The double-down is solidly in-effect for the diehard, (and now delusional), supporters of Ted Cruz. “Double-down” may be too lightly of a term to use at this stage in the campaign. Sure, it’s admirable to be loyal and remain rock-solid in the support of your candidate, but to claim viability at this point is nonsense.

Cruz cannot win the GOP nomination outright. He is mathematically eliminated from any chance to capture enough delegates in the remaining contests to reach the threshold of 1,237 delegates. He has simply run out of time and terrain.

To suggest that he can somehow wrangle enough delegates in voter-less contests such as Colorado, Wyoming, and North Dakota, and then to also persuade enough first ballot, Trump-bound delegates to come to his salvation on the second or third ballot is at the least – a long shot. And this only if there is a contested convention, which hopes of now are dwindling by the day for Cruz and his ilk.

Nonetheless, there are the hope-beyond hope Cruz loyalists continuing to search for four-leaf clovers, and turn every horseshoe right-side up. They are incessantly stroking their rabbits foot, and offering prostrate prayers at 8, Noon and 4 each day searching for a break in the clouds for a heavenly ray of hope that their candidate can divinely overcome the inevitable.

This is the difference between the fanciful and the realist. Last night, reality just became realized for 98 percent of Republicans.

Donald Trump not only had a good night, he had a smashingly, victorious landslide in all five states where he not only won each state north of 50 percent, but that he also won each and every county and congressional district. This was a Super Tuesday landslide of epic proportions.

Trump now has a commanding lead of 954 delegates to Cruz’ 562. With the remaining states yet to vote, new calculations predict that Trump will come within 22 delegates of the necessary 1,237 needed to win a majority and the nomination. This does not take into effect the 150 unbound delegates which are comprised of party leaders and office holders. Then there are the 54 unbound delegates of Pennsylvania and the 187 bound delegates to the various GOP candidates who have since dropped out of the race. These delegates can be released by their candidate to vote for whomever they wish.

Let not these facts, the mood of the voter, the preference of the electorate, the millions more votes for Trump, or the 27-11 win-loss record in state contests Trump has over Cruz muddle the chances Cruz has.

Cruz all the way – right? Right over the ledge.

Dana Loesch, Cruz trumpeter-extraordinaire, conservative talk radio host and The Blaze television host, tweeted out Tuesday night after the Trump bomb dropped;

Dana Loesch

Clearly, Loesch stares down reality in the face and dares it to try and crush her Cruz fantasy.

Steve Berman, writer for internet conservative media site the resurgent, posted a story late Tuesday night titled, Trump Is Nowhere Near The ‘Presumptive Nominee.’ Berman’s primary argument against Trump is that he hasn’t achieved 70 percent or greater in state contests.

“Getting over 50 percent is an achievement in January. At the end of April, in primary season, it’s no mean feat. In fact, Reagan had well over 70 percent of the vote in a more crowded race, in more states leading up to late April. By the time May and June rolled around, Reagan was topping 80 percent. Trump is nowhere near that,” Berman says.

Assuming Berman is referring to the 1980 Republican primary, by late April there were only two other candidates running against Ronald Reagan; George H.W. Bush and U.S. Congressman John B. Anderson.

So much for the, “more crowded race.”

Furthermore, in the same state primaries that Trump won on Tuesday, Ronald Reagan finished as follows: Connecticut 34 percent; Pennsylvania 43 percent; Maryland 48 percent; Rhode Island 72 percent; Delaware – no results.

It’s interesting to note that Bush won Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and much later in the primary season Reagan won Rhode Island on June 3rd by 72 percent after the final challenger, Bush, withdrew on May 26th.

Facts are a stubborn thing. Some people play with them as if they are Play Dough. But let not the Cruz loyalists be confounded with the need for nagging, miniscule, accurate information.

They have a star to wish upon.

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