Teacher Puts Kids’ Heads In Urine Bucket- Parents OUTRAGED!!

Kids forced to smell urine

Teacher Puts Kids’ Heads URINE Bucket

Parents in King William, Virginia are outraged. Apparently, a local second grade teacher took disciplinary matters into her own hands by making make students stick their heads in a bucket of urine.

Yep. They were punished with pee.

The incident took place inside a classroom at Cool Springs Primary School.

It came to the attention of Shawn Martin, a father of one of the students involved when his son came home from school complaining of a bad day. Initially, Martin was skeptical. How bad can an 8 year old’s day be? Then his son explained what had happened to him.

Kids forced to smell urine

Kids forced to smell urine

Evidently, an unknown student urinated in the class’s toy bucket. In response, the teacher forced each male student to “Stick their head in the bucket, smell the urine, and give their opinion from the smell of the urine which child urinated in the bucket.” (Because second graders and blood hounds are, obviously, interchangeable.)

Shocked and disgusted, Martin contacted the school’s administration. Their response left much to be desired.

“This is a personnel matter. Appropriate action has been taken to ensure that such conduct does not repeat itself. We will have no further comment.”

Personal matter? Uh, no. This is a professional matter that should have led to the firing of a woman clearly unable to handle children.

According the school, the teacher has been an educator for 26 years. Is that supposed to mean that we’re using a balance scale now to determine the severity of actions? Since she’s only committed one horrible, disgusting, nauseating act in her career, she gets a pass? Seriously?

I guess a little urine between friends isn’t that big a deal, right?

What’s next? “Oh, well, that teacher has only smacked one kid during his tenure, so we’ll let it slide?”

Martin has filed a formal complaint alleging “unprofessional conduct.”

In the meantime, the woman is still teaching the same group of students at Cool Springs.

There is another “P” that this woman should have to deal with: penury. She should never get another dime as an educator from any school system.

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