Steven King, World Renowned Horror Writer is Terrified of This One Thing!

Steven King

Steven King, World Renowned Horror Writer is Terrified of This One Thing!

You would think nothing scares Stephen King, the master of horror fiction. During his writing career he’s written more than 50 books, hundreds of short stories and movie adoptions. Most of them  make the readers’ hair stand on end and keep them looking over their shoulders, lest the gruesome story be true. However, he admitted in a recent interview, there’s one thing he’s really scared of.king

My biggest fear is not the supernatural clown or zombie, it’s the United States Republican presidential candidate,” he announced in an  interview.

A Trump presidency scares me more than anything else,” King told Ron Charles, editor of the Washington Post’s Book World, in a recent interview. “I’m terrified he’ll become president.”

He told the Washington Post that he believes Trump’s popularity has its roots in fear, something he understands very well since he’s written so many books and short stories about it.

“The key chord to all of this is fear. We’re afraid the government is going take away our guns, we’re afraid that Mexico is going to invade the United States, we’re afraid of this and we’re afraid of that, we’re afraid of taxes, we’re afraid of transgender bathrooms , we’re afraid of the whole thing.”

King added, that it’s hard to have a rational talk about any of these things because people are so fearful.trump

King is noted for frequently getting involved in political debates, recently he’s become a harsh critic of Donald Trump.

In another interview, this time with The Rolling Stone magazine, he claimed that Trump is more phenomena than a person.

He explained that the real estate mogul “was the last standing of the sort of American male who feels like women have gotten out of their place and that they’re letting in all those people  that are of the wrong skin color.”

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