Stephen Colbert And The Violent Femmes? Watch Blister In The Sun

Okay children of the 80’s, here’s a blast from the past.  Can you say Violent Femmes?  Yes, the folk punk rock band from the decade of the art of the music video that made it thanks to some halfway vulgar lyrics that were just tame enough to be tolerated on radio.

Well, guess what.  THEY-RE BA-ACK.  Yep.  They’re back performing again, and just the like rest of us, they’ve gotten a little long in the tooth.  That doesn’t mean that their signature one hit wonder  (well…maybe they had two) doesn’t still trip off the tongue, but you gotta wonder sometimes.

So, two of the original members of the band, Gordon Gano and Brian Ritchie, have been joined by yet ANOTHER drummer after the departure of Brian Viglione earlier this year, and they appeared this week on Stephen Colbert’s show.   Not only did they appear, but Stephen joined them.  Watch:

And yet another life hack for the Weber Kettle.  Who knew.  (Idiot musician here thought the original track has a full set of percussion under the acoustics.)

Aside from the sheer…weirdness…of middle aged white guys singing about THAT, not bad for middle aged white guys who disappeared for about thirty years.  The tempo doesn’t drive quite as much as it once did, and the glasses on the lead singer, um, yeah, no, but really great to see them back on the scene for nostaglia if nothing else.  (I do miss the 80’s.)

As for Stephen Colbert, why is it always the nerdy ones?

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