VIRAL VIDEO: Skydivers Play Quidditch Midair- EPIC!

Skydivers play Quidditch

Skydivers Play Quidditch Midair

A video [below] of a group of Columbian skydivers is going viral. There are no coordinated shapes made or tandem freak outs. What does take place in it is much more epic than anything you have seen before.

These daredevils decided to make the ultimate midair move. They staged a game of Quidditch.

If you have been under a rock since 2001, Quidditch is the sport played by the characters in the “Harry Potter” films. Naturally, it is in the books as well, but it was first seen in the film “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

For fans of the series, this video is a dream come true. It is, likely, the closest anyone will come to ever actually playing the game in real life.

The skydivers have had over 1 million views since their video was posted on April 28 by EBT, a Colombian telecommunications company. 

The 57 second video shows the group, complete with brooms,  manage to bump each other around in their battle to make a goal. One of them does, actually, manage to successfully score before they fall to a height that requires their parachutes get pulled.

The fact that they managed it is impressive enough. That they do so while falling through the air at around 120 miles per hour makes this the most epic video you are likely to see for a long, long time.

Even if you have never seen the movies, you can not help but be floored by the aerial tactics they pull off. If you are a fan, then these will be your favorite Muggles on film.

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