She Loved Her Butt Implants, Until She Went To the Gym and Squatted…KABOOM!!



As easy as it is to make jokes about this incident, a 27 year old woman is actually in very serious condition. Serena Beuford is in a coma after her butt implants exploded while she was doing squats at the gym. According to WOAI San Antonio, Beuford apparently heard a loud pop; which prompted her to immediately stop. Soon after the popping sound, Beuford fell to the floor screaming in agony from the pain.

Jewel, a fellow gym member said:

“I heard a loud popping noise followed by the woman falling to the floor. She was screaming my ass is gone! I had no idea what she was talking about until I saw her cushion like butt missing when EMS took her out the gym. She used to always show off her butt in the gym and tried to get guys attention with her work outs.”


According to Beufords sister Jackie, Serena always wanted a 64 inch bottom. She went to an unlicensed clinic to get the work done. Jackie says the new backsideĀ started to become famous on Instagram, and even got a job at a club. Guys would look at her differently and buy her expensive stuff just because of her butt.

Serena will require surgery, as the exploding implants caused some serious damage to her rectum, colon, and lower intestines. The lesson to be taken from this is love yourself the way you are, because if you get butt implants, THIS could happen to you.

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The clinic Serena Beuford used for the procedure is currently under investigation.

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