SHATTERED DREAMS: The Legend Of One Country Selling Hot Women As Brides To Immigrants

Poor guys fall for the glitter, gloss and promise of a dream so easily.  In the United States, it was men signing up with Ashley Madison to sneak around on their wives.  In the middle east, it’s some sort of hoax that put out the rumor that Iceland was paying immigrants $5,000 to marry their women, and help alleviate a man shortage.

Minor problem with that.  Iceland isn’t and wasn’t actually doing anything of the sort.  However, some dreams are such that they trap the gullible and make them do crazy, stalker-like things.

The numerous stories that went viral on the subject literally gave women hell – they were spammed with friend requests by men who started to dream big (possibly naughty) dreams of having a fulfilling life ahead.

Men who were interested in taking advantage of such an offer didn’t stop at just spamming the ladies. No, they actually applied for immigration visas to the point that the Danish Embassy in Egypt posted a disclaimer on their Facebook page for Iceland.

The Embassy of Denmark in Cairo handles visa requests for Iceland.
All information about the conditions that need to be met in order to get a residence permit in Iceland can be found on our website
Further information about migration to Iceland can be found
Please note that the information that has been spread on the internet about government grants for immigrants who marry Icelandic women is NOT true.

The lure of hot women and money will attract men every time.  And, as seen time and again with not just this hoax, but the number of men who signed up for Ashley Madison only to communicate with personas populated with other men who were just after membership cash, the glitz, glamour and promise, is all that it is.

So, just to be sure we have this: the government of Iceland is not going to PAY men to help them out with the men shortage on the island…men are going to have to pay to do that themselves.

No promises on hot women marrying them, though.


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