Purple Butterfly Stickers: The Heartbreaking Story

Purple Butterfly Stickers

Purple Butterfly Stickers: The Heartbreaking Story

Every mother knows the joys of childbirth. But few know the heartbreak of losing a child. Unfortunately, this happens too often after birth. It may occur due to a medical condition or be caused by complications of early birth. The use of the purple butterfly stickers give parents of NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) babies a better understanding of the loss of fellow parents.


The purple butterfly is put on the cots of multiple birth survivors, meaning their sibling has passed away for one reason or another. This is a great way for visitors to understand that the parents with these stickers are grieving.

If you ever see this sticker respect their space. It is an unfortunate loss for these parents, everyone grieves in their own way. The smallest comment, however innocent it may seem, can cause more pain for the grieving parents. Although this is a fairly new thing, not all hospitals may have this system in place. So next time you visit the hospital to see a new arrival please be aware that not everyone is having a joyous reunion. They may have lost one or more child. Nobody should feel the pain of burying their child. Especially at the very beginning of their life.



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