Obama’s NASA Totally BETRAYS The Core Mission

It used to be that NASA, the USA’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration, was synonomous with “going where no men have gone before.”  After all, the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, was one of us.  That was then, though.  1969’s Apollo 11, and subsequent flights including the ill fated Apollo 13, were the legacy of presidential visions from Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.  Regardless of their other achievements and failures, these men set the tone for the space race and NASA made it happen.

In 2016, after eight years of Barack Obama and an agenda that can conservatively be described as “un-American,” the federal dollar allotment for NASA – one of the great non-commercial achievements of the country – has been systematically co-opted for liberal and environmental causes rather than reaching for the stars.  We all know this, but at a congressional hearing this week, Republican lawmakers hammered the point home.

“This budget takes our human spaceflight program nowhere fast. This budget undermines our space program and diverts critical funding to lower priority items,” Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin, chairman of the House Subcommittee on Space, said during the hearing. “Orion and [the Space Launch System]  are strategic national assets and must be sufficiently funded. Proposed cuts to the planetary science division are equally disturbing.”…

“This budget cuts funding for human exploration by nearly 1 billion dollars, and robotic exploration by almost a quarter of a billion dollars,” Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Science Committee, said during the hearing. “The budget request once again underfunds the Space Launch System and Orion programs. This administration cannot continue to tout plans to send astronauts to Mars while strangling the programs that will take them there.”

How’s that, the American taxpayer who gets a rush of pride every time a rocket launches successfully asks?  Well, let’s see, NASA’s budget right now includes:

  • OVER $2 billion for the Earth Science Mission Directorate, which global warming studies are a part.
  • Space technology gets $826.7 million
  • $781.5 million for astrophysics.

And the Democrats would like more cuts to the space and astrophysics budgets in favor of more climate change modeling.  After all, that is their priority and they are willing to sacrifice American superiority in the space race to get it.  (Yes, I know. We surrendered that LONG AGO.)

You can’t make this stuff up.

The top scientific question the space agency claims it wants to answer in its budget justification is, “How are Earth’s climate and the environment changing?” The more typical space questions, such as “Are we alone?” and “How does the universe work?,” were at the very bottom of the list.

Hearts of all space junkies across the country just cracked wide open.  Those are the enduring questions for generations of fans, and the Democrats and the Obama Administration are just not interested in knowing, and that is reflected in the amount of cash directed toward the various programs.  NASA has received overall a 10% or so increase in cost of living, but the programs and initiatives looking into climate “science” have gotten a 68% increase.

All that does, aside for paying for climate science models that just aren’t working is assure that we will be dependent on the Chinese and the Russians for ferrying back and forth from the International Space Station for quite a while.

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