Motorcycle MAMA at 90 Years Old ! Must See video.

Motorcycle MAMA, a 90 Year old petite woman, who rides, is now getting some national attention. She has been riding since 1941 and her name is Gloria Struck. Every year she rides from her hometown in New Jersey to the Daytona Bike Week, every year except this year, in Daytona Beach Florida. This year her hip has been misplaced and she was very disappointed that she could not ride all the way to Florida. This motorcycle matriarch is drawing a big crowd everywhere she goes and people are wanting her autograph.

She has rode her motorcycle about 650,000 miles in her lifetime, that is what she has figured it out to be, and she is in the process of writing a book about her life on the road. She tells stories about when she was riding and the times when women were not welcomed as motorcycle riders. She can remember when she was even refused gas at a station because she was a woman rider. She was called bad names and was not treated with any respect at all. Women were not supposed to ride motorcycles and she has NEVER rode on the back of anyone’s bike and will never ride anyone on the back of her motorcycle either.

This woman is a true inspiration to all women riders and tells people that they should ALWAYS follow their dreams and NEVER think that you are too old to do anything that you want. She does not dye her hair, she does not wear makeup, she does not use facial cream and does not put wrinkle cream on her face. At 90 years old she is still going strong and says that when she is 100 she will still be on her motorcycle riding with the wind in her hair!!!

Watch the video below and tell me what you think of the motorcycle matriarch. As always I encourage you to share and leave our comments below.



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2 Comments on "Motorcycle MAMA at 90 Years Old ! Must See video."

  1. joe dissicini | 03/29/2016 at 7:30 pm | Reply

    god bless you. where in jersey are you from

    • In the video it never tells where exactly in New Jersey she is from. This woman is truly a blessing to all riders, male and female, she believes that no matter what a person should follow their dreams at whatever age. She said she will be riding when she is 100 and plans are riding across the country soon. GOD Bless and share the inspiration of this story to all your friends.

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