A Mosque Next To The Leaning Tower Of Pisa? Say It Isn’t So

Today’s outrage in the Islamic attempt to take over the west is really a case of history repeating itself.  See, over in Tuscany, that lovely Italian province with the fabulous food and wine, somebody has it in their head that it would be a great idea to put a mosque right next to, or real close to the leaning tower of Pisa.  Just one problem.  The leaning tower is part of the Cathedral.

Italian Cathedrals are built in three buildings – the nave, from the Latin “naval”, meaning the barque or boat (it’s the main church), the Baptistry which is usually a few feet away from the big church, and the bell tower.  What most of the media reports are NOT telling is just what the leaning tower of Pisa is.  It is the bell tower for the Duomo – the Cathedral – of Pisa.  It began to lean during construction and the builders compensated.  Not real well, but these are the Italians we’re talking about.  Make it work is their motto.  The grounds around it are, essentially, sacred.

What is being pushed is to put a mosque on the Cathedral grounds.

To be blunt, this sort of thing has happened before.  Several well known mosques and Moorish castles in Spain were built on the ruins of the Cathedrals destroyed after the muslim invasion in the 8th century.  It is a tactic used by Islamists to work toward the conversion of the populace.  Destroy the local culture mind, body and soul is the goal.  In Spain, and the rest of Christian Europe, that means destroying the main symbols and buildings of religious power  – the Cathedrals themselves.

In Pisa, the effort to put a mosque on the Duomo grounds where the leaning tower stands is nothing more than the Islamists and their sympathizers using a page out of the Koran playbook.  At this point, thousands of people have signed a petition to stop the effort.

Almost 1,800 signatures were collected on a petition meaning a vote will have to take place for the proposal to build the place of worship to be approved.

The petition was set up by Italian journalist and politician Magdi Allam, who called the number of signatures collected ‘the Italian revolution’.

At least Italy is not taking this lying down.


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