Trump Accused Of Modern Day Slavery

Modern Day Slavery

Trump Accused Of Modern Day Slavery

A former Canadian fashion model says Donald Trump is complicit in the “modern slavery” of vulnerable young girls.

The National Post, a Canadian national newspaper, reports that Rachel Blais, 31, formerly of Montreal, Quebec, also claims the United States Republican presidential candidate is hypocritical regarding his platform against illegal immigrant workers.

Rachel with Trump

Blais, who now lives in Cologne, Germany where she is studying German and teaching French and English, was quoted in the National Post as saying. “His business makes a lot of money off illegal workers.”

She told the newspaper she was working in fashion photography in 2004 in Milan when she received an offer from Trump Model Management to go work in New York. The former model claims she was told to falsely register herself as a tourist and not to bring any portfolio in case custom officials become suspicious.

The Canadian newspaper reports that Blais was charged $1,600 a month for a bunk in a cheap rooming house in the East Village. She said she lived with several other foreign girls, most of who were under the age of 18. 

His business makes a lot of money off illegal workers.


Blais told The National Post she did get some photo shoots for big magazines like Vogue in Paris, London, and Milan but “it was horrible. We all knew it and were told, this is the way you have to do it.”

Blais claims the Trump agency took 20 percent from their paycheques for rent, expenses, and taxes which should go to the government. “When you’re an illegal worker and they take that money, where does the money go? Straight into their pockets.”

The newspaper was told by Blais that she did so well, the Trump agency finally hired an immigration lawyer and got her a three-year visa. Other girls who didn’t do that well, were sent back home. However, in the meantime she says, they’d all been illegally employed for months.


Other allegations against the Trump Model Management were that she never got paid for times she appeared as a model for them.

Blais said she never got compensated for making an appearance on the Donald Trump show, The Apprentice. There was also another time when she worked for free to help promote a Vodka company.

“It’s work, even if you’re paid as a model to do it,”Blais said.

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