Mercedes Catches Fire & Explodes While Owner Freaks Out! (Video)

It’s not clear exactly why this Mercedes caught fire, but while driving on the Glenn Jackson Bridge it began smoking causing the owner to pull over and exit the car.

The owner of the car, a man named Gabriel, totally loses it as the video progresses. High pitched shrieks, shouts, and panicked crying can be heard as he films his cars slow demise. The woman who was with him has a much cooler head on her shoulders, calmly calling the police and fire department and at the same time trying to keep Gabriel calm. His over the top reaction is rather amusing, even though chances are anyone would freak out a little if their brand new car caught fire while driving. Other drivers try to offer assistance, but at that point the car is too far gone to risk letting anyone get close to it.

Eventually the car is completely consumed in flames and then an explosion can be heard. Hopefully Mercedes will cover the costs of a new car for Gabriel, and hopefully they will investigate the cause of the fire to ensure this isn’t a problem with more of their cars. The last thing Mercedes needs is a defect with their cars that cause them to explode.

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