Life In America: 10,000 Cheese Balls And A Trampoline – WATCH

Just when you thought that the spirit of David Letterman had FINALLY left the building, a couple of All-American adolescent boys take to YouTube to prove otherwise.

Two young enterprising men, are mastering the art of using social media to make money, by doing…guy stuff.  Things that are in the epoch of spinning a wedding ring on a pencil, and stacking Cherrios on a baby’s nose.  Tanner Fox and his side kick went to one of America’s big box stores and….  Well, watch.  Skip to 3:30 for the good stuff.

The things we girls miss out on sitting in the den waiting for our toe nails to dry.

Guys, yes this is partially why women live longer than men.  Jumping off of a roof onto a trampoline. And into 10,000 cheese balls to boot.  Seriously, there is something to all the jokes, commercials and memes about men taking dumb risks, and women looking for Urgent Care facilities online.  This writer may not be married, but in the larger family, men outnumber women.  They’ve all been to the emergency room far more often.

I realize this is a little on the sexist side and totally unnecessary, but let’s face it, in the middle of all the Hillary Clinton scandals, George Soros influence revelations, Donald Trump voter suppression, Colin whoever of the 49ers (why are we paying attention to him, anyway) and all the other actual important news of the day, THIS is what is trending.  Teenaged males crushing messy snack food on a trampoline.

America, distraction is our middle name.

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