Legs for Lego’s… This Will Amaze You!

Legs for Legos

Legs for Lego’s… This Will Amaze You!

Matt Cronin of Oldbury, England has given new meaning to the phrase you can build anything with a Lego set.

The 32 year who lost his right leg due to diabetic complications has created a new leg with Legos. In his post, on Reddit, he says he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at age 29. He was put on insulin about 18 months ago and it was under control. However, the doctor said he had gone undiagnosed for about 10 years.

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Cronin told the Telegraph the problem with his right foot began in 2014 when all the toes on it had to be amputated due to a diabetic ulcer. But, when he still had problems with it, the doctors amputated his right foot.

“I built myself a Lego leg while I waited for my real one to be built,” he told the Telegraph.

He can stand on it. However, he can’t actually walk on it. He says it’s not glued down because he didn’t want to wreck his daughter’s Lego set.

Cronin said the idea occurred to him one night when he was sitting around with his wife, Lianne and daughter, Alice. “We were playing with the Lego set and it seemed like a fun idea at the time.” he added.


In his post, Cronin says he’s also had surgery on both his eyes and has neuropathy in his feet.

This is not supposed to happen to someone so young, His advice. “All I can say is eat well, exercise and check your feet every night for cuts, etc.”

In the meantime, he has the most colorful foot in town while he waits for the doctors to present him with a new one.

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