Kanye West Claims He’s $53 Million Dollars In Debt!

Apparently a gigantic ego doesn’t pay the bills. Rap star Kanye West made a series of tweets over the weekend claiming that he was in personal debt to the tune of $53 million dollars. He didn’t reveal how on earth he managed to rack up such an insane amount of debt, but I’m sure it has something to do with terrible purchase choices.

Kanye has become well known for his ego over the past few years. Making claims that he’s “the greatest rock star of all time”, a “rap god”, and a “genius” among other ludicrous claims. Seems like none of those self appointed titles come with a paycheck though, and Mr. West reached out to twitter for some help.

He started with a tweet asking people to pray for him in his time of need.

He then stepped it up a notch and asked the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg to invest in his ideas. His investment price? $1 billion dollars.


He then asked Google co-founder Larry Page for some help


After that the tweets spiral from asking for a handout to just plain sad. He made an insane claim that people would rather build a school in Africa than help him, said helping him would be “the coolest thing anyone could ever do”, and then plain asked for help.



Really Kanye? Why on earth should anyone just hand over money to you? You have a job, you make music. That job apparently pays rather well considering all that you have acquired from it. Your foolishness with money somehow landed you in millions of dollars of debt, that’s on you. Don’t act like other people are jerks because they won’t just give you stuff. 

Maybe now that he is in crippling debt, Mr. West will just fade away into obscurity and we won’t have to hear about his idiotic shenanigans anymore.

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