Jet Blue Airline Faces Legal Action After Unforgivable Error!

Jet Blue Airline

Jet Blue Airline Faces Legal Action After Unforgivable Error!

Nearly every one can tell horror stories about airlines losing items or damaging luggage but this airline has done something far worse than that.

Independent reports that Jet Blue Airlines is being sued after staff lost a five year old boy left in their charge during a flight.lost son

Maribel Martinez said she arrived at John F Kennedy International Airport in New York expecting to pick up her five  year old son Andy who had been put on the flight by relatives. However, she got the shock of her life when Jet Blue staff presented her a child that wasn’t hers. Even though she claimed that she had never seen the boy before, the airline staff kept insisting he was her son, they even showed her Andy’s passport. They also assured the distraught lad that they were taking him to his mother.

It was later learned that at the same time Andy was boarding the Jet Blue flight to John F Kennedy, another boy was also left in staff care. That boy was supposed to go to Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts which is 215 miles away. Airline staff said they got the boys mixed up and sent them to the wrong destinations. It took a frantic three hour search before Martinez finally heard her son on the phone. “Miami they put me on another plane,” the boy said.Jet blue

Although the airline offered to refund Martinez the cost of the $4,500 flight plus a $2,100 credit on future flights, a furious Martinez said she would never fly Jet Blue again.  “I even paid the airline an extra $100 to make sure they took good care of my son.” she said.

Now, she is suing Jet Blue Airlines, claiming she suffered, “great emotional distress, extreme fears, horror and mental shock, mental anguish and psychological trauma. She’s also asking for unspecified damages.” She says the trauma is because she thought her son might have been abducted and feared she would never see him again.

Her lawyer Sanford Rubenstein said they wish to “shine a light” on Jet Blue Airlines practices and he hopes the case will prevent similar mistakes happening in the future.

“This never should have happened and Jet Blue employees should be ashamed of themselves.” he added.

“There were two unaccompanied children of the same age travelling separately from Santiago, Dominican Republic. One was supposed to go to New York’s JFK and the other was supposed to go to Boston. However, each boarded a flight to incorrect destinations,” A Jet Blue official said in a statement.

“While the children were always under the care and supervision of Jet Blue crew members, we realized the situation was distressing for their families,” the Jet Blue official added.

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