Insane Thrill Seekers Climb Skyscraper & Take A Selfie!

These guys are a part of the roof-topping team known as on the roofs. They have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to videos of them risking their lives as they break into incredibly tall buildings and climb to the top without any safety gear.

This time they decided to tackle the Shun Hing Tower in Shenzhen, China. The tower is 1,260 feet tall and has a spire that is an additional 193 feet high. With their faces covered by masks and cameras affixed to their heads, these three break into a closed off section of the building and make their way to the roof. Once there, they reposition a security camera and exit to the roof.

Being on the roof isn’t enough for them, oh no, they decide that the top of the spire is the perfect place for a selfie. Unlike many rooftop ladders that I have seen, the spire ladder does not have a cage around it to help protect the person climbing. My palms started sweating as they climbed higher and higher, maneuvering around brackets that cover part of the ladder and stopping every now and then to snap a picture.

The craziest part comes at the end, when all three of them try to get on top of the spire together so they can take a selfie. There is nothing securing them on that spire except their hands. One healthy wind gust could throw one of them off balance and send him tumbling to his death. That’s a lot of risks just to get a selfie.

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