Horrifying Racial Attack. What These Football Players Did With a Coat Hanger is SICK!

Horrifying Racial Attack

Horrifying Racial Attack. What These Football Players Did With a Coat Hanger is SICK!

At Dietrich High School in Idaho, a lawsuit has been filed against several students and school administrators, following a vicious attack on a student that required him to be hospitalized. A Caucasian football player lured an African-American mentally disabled teammate into a trap, hugging him before placing him in restraints. After he was restrained, another Caucasian member of the football team forced a coat hanger into the boys rectum, while a third Caucasian team member began kicking the clothes hanger repeatedly. The three Caucasian attackers were all members of the high school football team. 

John R.K. Howard

John R.K. Howard

The mentally disabled African-American teammate testified that he screamed and was terrified during the assault. He stated that he felt betrayed and confused at the same time. He further stated that the pain was the worst he had ever experienced. In the lawsuit it stated that the mentally disabled African-American teammate, was repeatedly sodomized with a coat hanger before his hospitalization. 

The lawsuit centers around one main aggressor, John R.K. Howard, in these repeated attacks. Howard engaged in many violent acts against the boy. These acts include aggressive ‘humping’, simulating anal sex, and power wedgies. Howard also knocked the boy out with his bare fist once, as students and administrators watched, while gathered in a circle around them. Howard is considered the ringleader of these bully’s, but other students were also involved. In interviews with the football coach and other administrators, Howard was described as “a large and aggressive male.” He was sent to Idaho to live with relatives, after repeatedly getting in trouble in Texas. 

The Suit also identifies eleven school administrators by name. They are alleged to of turned a blind eye and even encourage other students to fight and participate in the bullying of the mentally handicap African-American boy. Tanner Ward, a 17-year-old wide receiver, is also named in the suit as the one who shoved the clothes hanger into the boy’s rectum.  The third football player, 16, is charged with restraining the boy, but is unnamed in the initial report and is being tried as a minor. Howard and Ward are being charged as adults, and may be facing up to life in prison due to the severity of their actions. 

Ward has his trial set for September 26. Howard has a preliminary hearing set for June 6. 


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