Hillary’s Cough Is It Contagious Or Are Her Lies Too Much For Anyone to Swallow?

Hillarys Cough

Hillary’s Cough Is It Contagious Or Are Her Lies Too Much For Anyone to Swallow?

On Tuesday former House Speaker Newt Gingrich appeared on Sean Hanity’s talk radio program. During the long banter and speculation of the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s cough, Gingrich himself started coughing.

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During their conversation Gingrich stated that he believed her cough was “deeper”and “lasted longer” than her husband’s coughing attacks. We know the cause of Bill’s coughing but why is Hillary coughing for a period of four minutes and twenty-two seconds. Not to mention she received a concussion several years ago.

Is Clinton healthy enough to be running? Clinton’s concussion and coughing have been leading a persistent myth about Clinton’s health. Even though her doctors released detail medical reports showing good health for Clinton the myth holds strong. Clinton’s coughing fits and her other ‘symptoms’ consisting of staying near stools/chairs and wearing coats leads to conclude that she has a hidden illness. Donald Trump has used this to show Clinton is too frail and weak to be President. The myth has been aided by talk show hosts and Trump to spread into mainstream media.

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“This coughing stuff, I hope shes alright,” Gingrich stated. He also said “It’s a little disturbing.”

Moments after that statement Gingrich had a coughing fit, while talking about Trump’s visit to Mexico. Hanity told him “Now you sound like Hillary!” and “By the way, yours didn’t last 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Thank God.”

“No, I’m in good shape,” Gingrich said. “I’m in better shape than Hillary.” Hanity agreed that Gingrich’s cough was just a cough, and the two talked over the fact that as people who spoke for a living and traveled a lot frequently deal with dry throats, which can cause coughing.

“I fly so much, my throat dries out,” said Gingrich.

“It does,” Hanity agreed. “You have to keep hydrated big time.”

Clinton is also a frequent flier and public speaker. She and her aides said her cough was brought on by seasonal allergies.


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