In 2016, the creative sorts have come out of the woodwork armed with photoshop and video software.  Honestly, a lot of the art and satire is downright brilliant.  This weekend, somebody associated with the youtube channel Revelation of the Method has taken the use of the video medium to new heights with a film noir parody offering titled “Hillary Dreams of Being Dictator of the World.”

The short clip below is from a classic Charlie Chaplin film called “The Great Dictator,” which has enough plot twists that this writer is not going to  try to summarize it.  The premise is George Soros puts a bug in Hillary’s ear that she should want to be dictator of the world.  What happens next is priceless.

Sing along: “She’s got the whole world in her hands….”  Oops, the world popped.

As one commenter put it, at least she’s wearing something other than a housecoat.

This writer will credit anyone and everyone participating in the group effort to countermand the mainstream media and their “The Only Choice Is Hillary” mantra.  We the People who have been following the scandals and the email releases from various hackers all over the world would beg to differ.  With every new revelation, the old ones fit into a sort of pattern that make the whole Clinton Enterprise rival mafia syndicates in its depth and breadth of corruption.

And somebody out there really wants Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States.  Stunning.

By the way, it seems that there is a pact in the mainstream media to keep Hillary Clinton’s health out of the spotlight.  Two people have lost their jobs reporting and commenting on the topic this week.  There has to be some reason.  What is so devastating that it cannot be known to the public?  Don’t answer that.

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