Hillary Is Promising To Be Obama #2

Hillary Clinton is not missing a beat to use the attack in Orlando to further her agenda. She has promised to take guns out of the hands of Americans, and continue to allow our borders to be open to what she is claiming is refugees.

She is truly not any different than Obama, she has not mentioned one time what she plans to do to make sure she is not allowing terrorists in our country. Why? Because she can’t, there is no way to screen anyone coming in. We as Americans have a choice to make, it may be a simple one for some, and a harder one for other. But bottom line it is a choice.

We have to decide if our safety and the safety of our children is more important than taking in potential refugees? Or for the sake of safety do we say no, I am sorry but we can not allow our borders to be open to potential terrorists. Yes it may seem like America has turned into a big “meanie head” but how many Orlando shootings do we need before we wake up?

Where does the next one have to happen before we say enough is enough? If we look over the last 5 years, we can see this as trend, one that is growing larger in death toll. The time in between attacks is getting smaller, and how long will it be before we see another attack the size of September 11?

I hope an attack that size is not what it will take to wake America up again. It honestly has not been that long since 9-11-01, have we already forgotten how that day felt. Have we forgotten what it was like to watch people decide their death? I don’t feel I need to go into all the details, but I do feel America is too complacent on so many levels. The president so many elected (I was not one who did) has invited the enemy into our homeland. You all that hail him as a king have invited the enemy.

It is time to wake the hell up before it is you or your loved one making last phone call because where you’re at is being attacked by the enemy you fought to invite in. It is time to close our borders and get our house in order and make our homeland safe again. Then and only then can we even consider helping others by other ways then letting them come in and change America from the inside.

You may not agree with Trump, I do not on a lot of issues. But I know for certain I 100% do not agree with Hillary that I know will be a catastrophe for America. She is a liar, at least an accessory to murder, she is being investigated on RICO charges, her email scandal, and I am sure many, many more that we have no idea about. She will finish America off.

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