Heartwarming Video Of Service Dog Meeting Pluto At Disneyland

They say dreams come true at Disneyland, and that certainly proved to be true for this adorable dog.

This is Ace, he’s a service dog in training. In an effort to socialize and provide him with obedience training, his owner, Sandy Stienblums, took him to Disneyland. Not only did Ace get the training Sandy wanted, he also got to meet his favorite Disney character, Pluto.

In the short video you can see Ace is unable to contain his excitement. His tail is wagging furiously and he can’t sit still. The two engage in some adorable snout nuzzling and Ace has difficulty responding to his owners commands. His excitement is so powerful it overrides his training.

Some people posted comments expressing concerns that Ace’s inability to contain his excitement and listen to his owners commands might make him unfit to be a service dog. The concern being that he might end up dragging or running away from a blind person he is guiding.

In response to the concerns, Stacy posted this on her Facebook page:


Seems like all the critics can take a seat and be quiet while the rest of us enjoy this great video.

Ace still needs six to nine more months of heavy training. After which he will have the opportunity to test and graduate as a guide dog.

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