Handicap Man Receives Miracle After 43 Years Confined to a Wheelchair

Handicap Man Receives Miracle

Handicap Man Receives Miracle After 43 Years Confined to a Wheelchair

It took Portuguese doctors more than 40 years to realize a wrong diagnosis kept a man needlessly in a wheelchair for most of his life, according to the Portuguese newspaper, the Journal de Noticias.

Rufina Borrrago was just 13 years old when doctors in a Lisbon hospital examined him for severe health problems. Their diagnosis indicated he was suffering from incurable muscular dystrophy. After being told the bad news, neither Borrago or his parents thought to question the doctors’ decision.  Instead, the boy resigned himself to the fact that he would never walk again. He got himself a wheelchair and spent the next 43 years in it.

However, in 2010 a neurologist examined Borrago, did some research and announced that it wasn’t incurable muscular dystrophy that he suffered from but a different disease called myasthenia.


The doctor told the newspaper that although myasthenia is extremely rare, it’s easily curable by taking doses of asthma medication.  The doctor began prescribing the medicine to Borrago and within one year after the new diagnosis he was able to walk for the first time in over four decades.

Borrago has since abandoned his wheelchair and start learning to walk all over again. For the first time in years he recently visited his favorite neighborhood café without the benefit of his wheelchair.

“We thought it was a miracle,” said Manual Melao, owner of the café located in Alandroal which is located in south east Portugal.

Now, at age 61, says he lives more or less a normal life except for twice  yearly visits to a physiotherapist.

Borrago claims despite the fact that the misdiagnosis kept him in a wheelchair for 43 years, he bears no hard feelings against the Lisbon hospital. He said he understands that myasthenia was virtually unknown by doctors in the 1960s.

“I just want to make use of my life,” he told the Journal de Noticias in a recent interview.


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