6-Year-Old Girl Saved By UFC Angel on Mountain Trail

Girl Saved By UFC Angel

6-Year-Old Girl Saved By UFC Angel on Mountain Trail

A little girl and her parents are grateful they met a UFC competitor on Sunday.

Six year old Kia and her parents were walking on the Mary Jane Falls Hiking Trail, which is near Los Vegas, when the little girl fell and broke her arm. The Score reported that Meisha Tate happened to come across the trio and saw that the parents were struggling to get their daughter off the mountain.


That’s when the former UFC Women’s Banter Weight Champion sprang into action. The Score says she hoisted the little girl onto her shoulders and carried her 2.6 miles. Her actions helped get the injured girl off the mountain and to a hospital much quicker.

Tate said the little girl was “very upbeat” despite her injury. It was one of the most rewarding days of my career, she added.


The Scored reported that Tate noted that some people say “I’m too buff or manly.” They claim that weight lifting is “gross” and not for females. Tate says she’s glad she never listened to her critics. Such talk limits expectations of me. Today’s youth should understand they don’t have to conform because strength and beauty is an inside job. She added.

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