George Clooney Wants You to BELIEVE He Doesn’t Buy Political Influence

Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and 'actor-vist' George Clooney © Reuters

George Clooney Wants You to Believe He Doesn’t Buy Political Influence

Money, money, money, money, monay, monaaayyyy! You’ve heard the lyrics before to the popular catchy intro played on radio stations for years. This is what makes the world go round; especially when it comes to politics. George Clooney knows this with the best of them as he and Hillary Clinton raise oodles of it.

Last week Clooney held two high-dollar, high-fluting fundraising affairs that attracted celebrities and big money donors alike. All for the chance to buy a piece of the prize – Hillary Clinton and the influence that goes along with her.

 Approximately 100 Bernie Sanders supporters demonstrated outside of a George and Amal Clooney-hosted Hillary Clinton fundraiser Friday night in San Francisco's upscale Nob Hill neighborhood. Credit: Kreutz

Approximately 100 Bernie Sanders supporters demonstrated outside of a George and Amal Clooney-hosted Hillary Clinton fundraiser Friday night in San Francisco’s upscale Nob Hill neighborhood. Credit: Kreutz

Nestled away in the residence of venture capitalist and Democratic donor Shervin Pishevar at (s)Nob Hill in San Francisco, George and his wife Amal hosted the $35,000 per plate or $353,000 per table event. Outside, Bernie Sanders supporters gathered in protest to Clinton and her ties to big money.

This is well traveled ground for Clinton. She is comfortable in the element of peddling herself for cold, hard cash. She has done so for years, whether hoarding speaking fees to the tune of $675,000 for three speeches, (each 20 minutes in-length), to Goldman Sachs, or the alleged influence peddling her and her husband have done through their Clinton Foundation.

Many of the Sanders protesters would likely live a lavish life with $35,000 annually, much less buying a single plate of food for that much money. Of course, it’s not the plate of food the big cats are buying, but rather a bite out of Big Clinton politics.

Outside the San Francisco residence the protesters carried signs that read, “Hillary: You can’t sit with us unless you have money” and “$353,000 for Dinner? And you thought SF home prices are high.”

A man on a megaphone began the chant, “Hey, hey, ho ho, Hillary Clinton has got to go,” and “Bernie or Bust!”

In contrast to Clinton who hob-knobs with the rich, powerful, and elite, Sanders has raised the bulk of his campaign support through online contributions of $27 dollars. He raised 44 million in the month of March to Clinton’s 27 million.

Bernie has attracted the grassroots uprising while Clinton hustles the lofty mega-millionaires and billionaires.

Last Sunday, Clooney went on NBC’s Meet the Press to bemoan how terrible it is to have to raise so much money in politics. Host Chuck Todd asked Clooney if it was an obscene amount of money when people pay $353,000 to a fundraising event to be co-chairs. Clooney stated, “I think it’s an obscene amount of money. And it’s ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics.” [See VIDEO below].

Clooney went on to talk about the protesters outside the San Francisco event saying, “you know, we had some protesters last night when we pulled up in San Francisco and they’re right to protest. They’re absolutely right. It is an obscene amount of money. The Sanders campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right.”

Later in the interview, Clooney attempted to split hairs on the influence-peddling that happens in politics on both sides of the aisle. Todd asked Clooney, “Do you think people that are coming to your event tonight and went last night that they think they’re gonna get extra access to Hillary Clinton, to a President Clinton?”

Clooney responded, “No. I actually don’t think that’s true. I think there is a difference between the Koch brothers and us, you know?”

This is the amazing conundrum of dissecting people. Someone like George Clooney, a well-spoken and intelligent man is naïve enough to believe, or dishonest enough to three-card monte us that the purchasing of influence only happens when Republicans engage in it. Democrats are innocent.

C’mon, do you really expect us to believe that George? The 99 percenters protesting outside your fundraiser weren’t having any of it.

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